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Calton Hill

Calton Hill

December 17, 2020

Calton Hill

One of the most iconic places you can ever find in our capital city of Edinburgh is Calton Hill.

Visited by so many tourists and locals on a daily basis it is staggering.Calton Hill is without a shadow of a doubt a very popular spot for many folks.The plus is that it is not a difficult climb at all and once you are on the top, there is a view waiting for you to reward you with stunning sights of the city, across the bay and on the North Sea.

So why don’t you grab coffee to go and see it for yourself?

Probably the best times are sunrise or sunset to truly appreciate the magical moments, however, it’s great to pop in at any time in a day (especially when it's a bit foggy!).

There are a few significant structures and points of interests.

The National Monument of Scotland was suggested to be built in 1816 by the Highland Society of Scotland. Unfortunately due to shortage of fundings, the monument was never finished to its completion. Material for building the athenian structure was Parthenon Marbles from Athens brought by Lord Elgin. The National Monument of Scotland is devoted to honour the dead of the Napoleonic Wars between the years of 1803 and 1815.

Yet another interesting structure is the Nelson Monument, erected to commemorate Admiral Lord Nelson. Lord Nelson also fought in the Napoleonic Wars and was part of the victorious Royal Navy. Despite the victory, Lord Nelson was fatally injured and passed. As soon as the news reached Edinbrugh, a campaign was raised to build a monument in the name of Admiral Nelson.

A famous poet Robert Burns designed the monument as an upturned telescope.

There was a notion to allow ex-sailors to live in the monument however, a widow of a Petty Officer Mrs Kerr moved in as a tenant.

Definitely a place to visit!

City Observatory was a centre of astronomy and timekeeping in Edinburgh, designed by William Henry Playfair.

The observatory holds two telescopes, a contemporary art gallery and panoramic restaurant.

It is a great place to explore, learn and relax!

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