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Brodick Castle Isle of Arran Scotland

Chaos at the Brodick Castle and haunted grounds!

November 05, 2020

Brodick Castle Isle of Arran Scotland

This castle remembers so much turmoil and destruction as well as rebuilding many times over.
According to some historical facts, the place where the castle stands was first utilized by Vikings as a defensive spot, until they were fought away from Arran.
Which then directly links to the Battle of Largs in 1263.
While the Scottish Wars of Independence were in full swing, the castle was captured by the English and freed again by Scots in 1307.
Perhaps in another attempt to capture the castle, a fleet of English Royal Navy ships aimed all of their cannons at the battlements and fired at once! 
Causing yet another immense damage.
At last, ownership of the castle came into the hands of the Hamilton family in 1503.
Also known as Dukes of Hamilton. Hamiltons then repaired and rebuilt their new home in 1510. Their new home suffered another damage while Campbells Clan fought MacLeans Clan in 1528.
Brodick Castle fell into ownership of the only child of the 12th Duke of Hamilton.
Lady Louise Hamilton. She got married to the 6th Duke of Montrose and the castle became their family home in 1906.
Their home didn't get changed since then and visitors can experience Lady Louise Hamilton's home as it was back then.
As well as it is exciting to explore the castle so is the garden outside.
Repairs of the garden started in the 1900s.
You can find a lot of unusual species there from America, himalayas and Burma.
Duchess of Montrose AKA Lady Louise Hamilton worked closely with the National Trust for Scotland to enable them to take care of her home and surrounding gardens and parks upon her death.
The National Trust for Scotland  has been taking care of the Duchess's home since then.
But, that's not all, the troubled history of the castle is deeply engraved into its walls. In fact so much that the place is haunted by the Grey Lady and an old man in the library.
No one knows as to why the old man appears at times in the library, perhaps he hasn't finished his favourite book yet?
However we may know a tad more about the Grey Lady!
She wanders the castle halls forever....
As the legend has it, she fell in love with the Captain of the Guard and soon after was expecting a baby.
She was fired from her job thereafter.
Her family abandoned her.
The young lassie was so alone and hopeless, she threw herself into Wine Port Quay by the entrance to the castle.
It is said that a white stag appears whenever there is a death coming upon Hamilton's clan chief.

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