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Legend of a White Stag

Legend of White Stag and Pentland Hills

November 19, 2020

You can find Pentlands south of Edinburgh, it is a great place for hillwalking and we are glad to have such a place at our doorsteps.
If you climb one of the many peaks, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view all around!
There are many points of interest such as Harlaw Reservoir, Allermuir Hill and West Kip, East Kip and Scald Law.
Originally Pentlands were settled by either Gododdin or Votadini, a Celtic tribe that saw the Romans arriving into the area in A.D 79.
The Celtic tribe and the Romans co-existed together back then.
There was one mythical animal that is said to have roamed Pentlands Hills - the White Stag.
In Celtic mythology the stag symbolises the Otherworld might!
The Otherworld is a realm of the dead and gods, deities and sprites.
In 1128, David I, King of Scots went on a hunt even though his priest counselled the King against it.
The king decided to go hunting despite the priest’s advice anyway.
The hunting party travelled through a forest, the sun piercing through here and there creating rays of golden light.
Suddenly David spotted a head of a white stag among trees, the beast turned and ran away, and David without any hesitation started chasing after it.
While in chase his horse got startled and threw him off the saddle.
The white stag turned around ready to attack, as the mighty messenger of the Otherworld was preparing to attack with his sharp antlers aimed down, David started praying to God for protection.
The stag attacked with its full power!
David managed to grab the antlers and as he did, the antlers transformed into a cross.
The stag ceased to attack, and vanished, leaving a misty silhouette that dispersed and slowly faded away.
To show his gratitude to God, David built a Holy Rood shrine that expanded into Holyrood abbey.
Upon that the abbey was turned into Holyrood Palace which serves as the queen’s official residence in Edinburgh.

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