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Lion Rampant White Gym Tee

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Back in 1143 it was paramount to distinguish between opposing forces in battles.
Thus, King William I also known as The Lion-Hearth, invented a banner that flawlessly depicts some amazing traits of Scots and uplift their spirit in times of war.
And any enemies seeing the Lion banner amidst a battle shook in fear.
Rampant! Ready to jump into fight with unsheathed sharp claws and fangs to tear apart any intruder daring to conquer homeland.
Fierce, bold and ready to win the day.


Product Heritage
  • Extremely light and athletic fit with ONMAN unique one-side stitch structure for friction-free movement
  • Breathable and hydrophilic fabric for excellent moisture management
  • Highly stretchable, double-stitch hems and collar for increased durability
  • Imprint using ECOlogical dye-sublimation to guarantee a long lasting print
  • Product colour White
  • Uniquely from Scotland

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Chest (in) Waist (in) Chest (cm) Waist (cm)
34-36 28-29 86.4-91.4 71.1-73.7
38-40 30-32 96.5-101.6 76.2-81.3
42-44 34-36 106.7-111.8 86.4-91.4
46-48 38-40 116.8-121.9 96.5-101.6
XXL 50-52 42-44 127-132.1 106.7-111.8